PhD Student
Software Analysis Laboratory
Dept. of Computer Science
College of Informatics, Korea University


  • 2017.03 ~ present, Combined course. Dept.of Computer Science, Korea University

  • 2011.03 ~ 2017.02, B.S. Dept. of Computer Science, Korea University

Research Interests

    My research interests include program analysis (especially static analysis) and machine learning for program analysis.

  • Program Analysis

  • Machine Learning



  • Precise and Scalable Points-to Analysis via Data-Driven Context Tunneling. Paper presentation at OOPSLA2018. BOSTON, USA. NOV 8 2018 [slides]
  • Data-Driven Context-Sensitivity for Points-to Analysis. KCC2018. June,2018
  • Data-Driven Context-Sensitivity for Points-to Analysis. KCSE2018. Jan,2018 [slides]


  • Bachelor Degree Project2 : 불완전한 프로그램을 완전한 프로그램으로 합성하기 [poster]
  • Bachelor Degree Project1 : Enough to check Collatz Conjecture for 16k+11 [pdf]


  • OOPSLA 2019
    Athens, Greece. 2019/Oct/20 - 2019/Oct/26.
  • OOPSLA 2018
    Boston, USA. 2018/Nov/4 - 2018/Nov/11.
  • OOPSLA 2017
    Vancouver, Canada. 2017/Oct/23 - 2017/Oct/27.